Spring Wellness Evening…

Join Teresa, Liz and Ali for an evening of movement, inspiration and relaxation..

On Friday May 10th, Metta Movement will be hosting a Spring Wellness Evening to help you press reset, and gently prepare you for the summer months ahead.

Following the success of our Evening of Christmas Calm, we’re inviting you to leave your phones at home and join us whist we slow down the pace and take some time to re charge naturally, whilst considering our health, mobility and mental tranquility.

Teresa will help you move through a 50 minute mobility session,  Liz, a qualified Naturopath and Herbalist, will lead an insightful presentation focusing on optimising your health during Spring and beyond and Ali will take us on a super soothing sound bath which will leave us feeling completely blissed out!

Join Ali Roff Farrar – The Psychologies Magazine Wellness Director and Author of The Wellfullness Project.

Ali will guide us through a soothing soundbath which will leave us feeling rested, re charged and ready for the Summer months ahead.

Join Teresa, founder of Metta Movement, for a gentle class focusing on how to create more mobility in our joints and ideas on how to keep hips, shoulders and spine well ‘oiled’.

In this session, Teresa will explore movement and the breath, spinal articulation in all planes and finding movement where you thought there was none!

With the change in season, warmer weather and the flourish of new plants, life and vegetation; Spring is the perfect time to mix things up and to relook at diet, routines and easy to adopt ways to boost your health. Join Liz as she talks to us about:

  • A brief introduction to herbs and naturopathic medicine
  • Seasonal plant based medicine to support a spring detox
  • The main systems to focus on for detox and ways to support them
  • Gut health and the impact on your mind, immunity and hormones.
  • Naturopathic approaches to supporting seasonal conditions, such as hayfever

Join us on Friday 10th May to Spring Clean your Wellness!




6.30-7.20pm – Springtime Mobility Session – Teresa

7.30-8.00pm Spring Clean Your Health presentation – Liz

8.15- 9.00pm Soothing Spring Soundbath – Ali


Non alcoholic beverages and snacks provided.

Please bring your own pillows, cushions and covers to keep you comfortable and warm throughout the soundbath and don’t forget your mat for the mobility session. Please wear comfortable clothing and socks.


£45 Non Members

£35.00 Metta Movement Members (Post February 2024)

Contact us to receive your discount code!

We really hope you can join us!

If you have any questions please email at hello@mettamovement.co.uk

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