Tucked away in the basement of the beautiful Venue28 building is our cosy and intimate, Reformer Pilates studio.

Located in the heart of Beckenham’s Clockhouse area and specialising in small groups and 121 sessions, our bijoux Pilates Reformer studio is small but has a big heart!  It is home to just 4 Pilates Reformers which means there will never be more than 4 people in a session at any one time – perfect to get the best out of every single session!


Come and hang your coats up , lounge on the comfy sofa in the waiting area – even make your self a cuppa!!  It’s an ideal space to learn the skill of Pilates on the Reformer or to use the Reformer to challenge your current workout in a relaxed and friendly environment – away from the bustle and bustle of daily life.

If you enjoy working closely with an instructor, or maybe you like the idea of 121 sessions – small group training on the Reformer provides a unique, personal and cost effective option.

Check the timetable to see what’s on or just drop in and say hello!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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