Q:  I’m really interested in joining your classes, are they all on line? 

A: Mostly – I have one Face to Face class running at the moment and that is Pilates on Friday Morning at 9.30am at Venue28.  Othr than that, since the week before lockdown, I transferred all of my local ‘face to face’ classes to online only.  I use the Zoom platform to teach my full classes plus there’s lots more free exercise ideas on my Instagram page too! 

Q: How much are classes?

A: There are lots of options!  It’s more cost effective if you buy a class pass, which allow you to come to any class on the timetable.  Class passes start at £30 for 5 x 30 minute classes and £60 for 5 x 60 minute classes.  Other than that if you’d like to drop in you can – single classes are a little more expensive – £8 for 30 minutes or £14 for a 60 minute class.  You cannot use a drop in credit to attend a course.

Q: Are classes charged per person?

A: No, during lockdown, online classes are charged per household, so more than one person can join in the same class! 

Q: How do I book classes? 

A: It’s really easy, all you need to do is go to my website booking page.  If you want to buy a class pass, you’ll need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and choose the pass you’d like to buy (look for the pink boxes). Once you have completed payment, you will be sent a receipt with a code on it which you will then need to enter when you choose the class you wish to schedule from my timetable. 

You can choose to either book all the classes you wish to attend in one go, or book one class at a time, and leave the remainder in your account… every time you book you will need to quote the code, so please keep this receipt.

Q: I have just bought a class package but didn’t receive a receipt with the code.

A: Please check your junk mail – it’s normally hiding in there! 

Q: How do I then join your class on Zoom? How do I meet you on line?

A: Once you have booked your class, you will receive your booking confirmation email which will state the name of the class, the date and where the class is held.  It will say “Join the meeting using this link:’  and here you will find your Zoom link. 

When it’s time to start the class, click on the link, or enter into your web browser, and I will let you in! 

Q: I only want to book one class at a time, how does this work? 

A: This works in exactly the same way if you are booking one class or classes from a pass.

Q: I haven’t received a booking confirmation email.

A: Check your junk folder!

Q: Do I have a certain amount of time to use a class pass?

A: Yes, you will find the each class pass has a 5 week expiry date, please check before you buy.

Q: I’ve booked a class and can no longer make it, can I cancel? 

A: Yes! You you can go into your account and cancel if you wish. You have 24 hours to cancel a class otherwise you will lose that particular session.

Q: I am a bit of a technophobe! Are you able to help me with my booking? 

A: Yes, of course! If you need any help at all please email me on: teresa@mettamovement.co.uk and I will do my best to help you! 

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