Pilates Matwork

Fridays 9.30-10.30am Venue28

£80.00p/p per course

As well as focusing on the traditional exercises in the Pilates repetoire, Teresa will get you thinking ‘outside the box’ to help you master the skill of Pilates.


Mobility Course

10.00-11.00am Saturday , St Johns Church.

£80.00p/p per course

A gentle hour long ‘mobility’ class aimed at those who would like to increase the range of movement in the hips, shoulders, back, knees, neck and ankles and strengthen the muscles surrounding these joints.  With her knowledge and experience, Teresa will guide you through a movement experience that is more than your average Pilates class.  A mixed ability class and a superb way to start the weekend.


Pilates for Mobility

7.00-8.00pm Tuesdays, St Johns, Eden Park.

£80.00p/p per course

In this course, Teresa will be teaching you a mix of the broken down Pilates classical repetoire as well as exploring movement to help get you more mobile… Mobility is something we all lose as we age and during this course, we’ll be looking at the biomechanics of the movements that will best assist us with our daily activities.  As well as feeling more flexible as a result, you’ll get to meet some great people, laugh loads and move in ways you never thought possible!!

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